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Services – Original

Imagine being warmly greeted as you are exported to a massage chair. Imagine relaxing aromas, fabulous decor, meeting up with friends and sipping a glass of wine as you unwind in the pedi spa. Imagine professional and courteous and highly skilled nail technicians caring, listening, understanding and catering to your needs. Imagine your body and spirit be nourished and rejuvenate. Imagine service hours that accommodate to your busy schedule, late evening, weekend and even Sunday hours.
Imagine no more….. Click below to schedule a service with us.


Woman in nail salon receiving manicure

Natural nails care with shaping and buffing. A hand massage to the lower arms and hands. Nail lacquer of your choice.GELISH (SHELLAC) MANICURE  $35
Include a Basic Manicure and layers of Gelish polish that create a highly durable, glossy finish, and last for several weeks. Gelishs apply like polish but with promises not to smudge, knick and is easily removed.
Our upgraded manicure features the most luxurious pleasures of the traditional mani- plus the finest products and sublime attention to detail.                                        Enjoy from one of our organic Exfoliants: Orange Peel, Green Tea & Honey, Lemongrass Sage; and a warm conditioning paraffin dip to soften your hands and eases tired muscles.
* Add $5 for French/American





SPA PEDICURE (30 mins) $35
Anti-bacterial soak. Natural Toes nails care. Callus Remover (no need for razor). Skin Exfoliation on lower legs and feet. Hot towel wrap. A cooling gel massage to the legs for a tingling relaxation.  A second phase of rejuvenating lotion massage to the legs and feet. A Nail Lacquer of your choice.

Enhance your spa pedicure with a warm conditioning paraffin dip (a specialized type of wax that is formulated to infuse moisture into your skin for a complete feeling of softness and comfort.) This treatment cleanses and softens the skin, eases tired muscles and leaves the skin with a healthier, smoother and fresher appearance.



DELUXE PEDICURE( 40mins)  $48
Turn Your Ordinary Pedicure Into An Extraodinary Spa Experience. A series of scented spa treatments featuring organic exfoliation, refreshing spa elixirs, regenerating skin cell, deep vitamins enriched wraps, extended massage and hydrating body butters. Products are custom prepared to create the most relaxing and healing of spa experiences, and are freshly made of the best ingredients; all natural and real fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

**All Deluxe Pedicure Services below rendered in our spa pedicure**.

Please select from the following options:
TROPICAL SENSATIONS: Recommended For dry skin.
STRAWBERRY MAGARITA: For Anti –aging and Revitalizing.
LAVENDER MINT GARDEN: For relief of stress.
COCOA LATTE: For tanner skin and chocolate lover.
TOUCH OF THAI: (Energizing and Balancing)




(45 mins) $40
Awaken and enlighten your legs as you exfoliate with our natural bamboo and coconut powders for gentle scrubbing action. Plant proteins, rice extract, and cold-pressed vegetable oils serve to moisturize your newly polished complexion and maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.

SEA MUD PEDICURE (45 mins) $ 55
This is truly an “all in one” pedicure experience. Drudged from the sea basin and imported from the Isle de France, this clay’s high mineral content and sea properties combine to draw out and absorb surface impurities. This treatment helps decrease inflammation, relaxs over-worked muscles, increase blood flow, and stimulate nerve-endings with energy boosting results.


ROSÉ & CHAMPAGNE PEDICURE                      (45 mins) $48
Indulge in the fresh, sparkling scent of Champagne & Rose and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or Mimosa (weekend only) while relaxing.  Our champagne and rose scrub utilizes the powerful anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties.  The wet mountain clays possess the ability to pull out toxins and help cleanse your skin with essential oil of Sage to reveal a healthy glow and even complexion.
HAPPY HOUR PEDICURE (45mins) $ 55            (>21 YEARS & older only service)
Indulge yourself with any one of our Deluxe Pedicure and enjoy (up to 2) complimentary glass of wine or a Beer during this service.

HOT STONE MASSAGE  (60mis)  $80  (The “all inclusive” for relief of stress and negative energy.)

Experience the luxurious aromas and felling of this special heated stone massage pedicure.  This service tender in our Happy HOUR PEDICURE follows a hot stone massage.  Massage using volcanic rocks that have the natural ability to ionize your body for better blood flow.

Benefits include: increased local circulation, improving the blood flow that hastens the response and lessens the sometime painful reflex joints and surrounding tissues; allows greater ability to transport toxins, decrease blood pressure, stress, fatigue, tension, and decrease in muscle stiffness and spasms.




CHIN        $13
LIP         $7
NOSE        $13
SIDEBURN     $12
BIKINI   $50
FULL LEGS       $45
FULL ARMS     $25
HALF ARMS     $20

BACK $30

***Waxing clients Please Note:  We apologize that we cannot provide services if you are using Acutane, Antibiotics, or Retin A.  Please consult with the esthetician before any waxing services if you are undergoing chemical peels or receiving any facial treatments.  And please inform us if you are allergic to all purpose honey wax, aloe vera or baby oils.



  • People want all different kind of looks- some people go for drama (Flares lashes), and some opt for something more natural(mink lashes).
  • Mink lashes are applied one at a time using semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage to the natural lashes.  They are more feathery looking and lighter in general.
  • Applying a full set of mink lashes take about an hour while Flares lashes take 25-30 minutes.  Mink lashes can be maintained year-round with touch-ups recommended every 2-3 weeks.  The Flares lashes require a new full set every visits.
  • Size availability for mink lashes ranges from 7mm-13mm.  Your eyes are closed the entire time of the procedure.  Flares lashes are a group of 3-6 synthetic lashes applies to a single lash to create a more dramatic looks.
  • Mink Individual Lashes        $85                      Touch up         (2 weeks +) $30 & up
  • Flares      $ 45                                                      Individual & Flares      $35



Facials are excellent way to maintain smooth, healthy skin.  During the procedure, your skin will be professionally cleansed and exfoliated with our licensed Esthetician using Dermalogica and Nuskin products.

      • MINI FACIAL  (35 mins) $ 60
        A Refreshing mini facial which includes Cleansing, Steaming, Exfoliation, Moisturizer Massage.  Perfect for maintenance between skin treatment.  Great for people on the go.
      • EUROPEAN FACIAL (50 mins) $ 45
        Custom tailored for each individual skin type.  This facial includes Steaming, Cleansing,  Exfoliation, Moisturizer, Mask, Relaxing Facial, Neck,  Shoulder and Hands Massage.
      • EXTRACTION FACIAL (60 minutes) $55
        Recommended for acne and breakout-prone skin.  This facial includes European facial follows with extraction to remove of blackheads and whiteheads on usually occurred around the forehead, nose and chin.
      • NUSKIN TREATMENT (60 mins)… $55
        This treatment will transform your skin within 60 mins to firm lift, and add radiance with ageLoc gels using a Galvanic Spa Technology  by Nuskin – a proprietary ingredients blends that targets aging at its source.  A Galvanic Spa is a pulsating technology aids in stimulating skin.  The result-skin that immediately feels refreshed, hydrated and cleansed.   This in-depth, through penetration of firming active ingredients treatment, acts on the skin on two levels:

*Pre-Treat Gel: removes impurities, allowing pores to breathe.
*Treatment Gel: Surface to help tighten, instantly eliminate fatigue, and reduce wrinkles.

Add-On Options

                Collagen Mask $20
                 Anti Wrinkle $5


        • Feeling disjoined and out of alignment?  Pull yourself together and get a massage. Our licensed therapists will listen to your needs to give you the aid of healing.  Release your stress within the skilled hands of our professionals.

60 mins $55                  90 mins $80



Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body and leave your skin feeling velvety, smooth, healthy and soft. It is a great way to shed your first layer of dry, dead skin. Out with the old-in with the new!

  • Exfoliating Body Scrub   $50
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub & Mud Wrap   $65

An body scrub will help to increase body circulation allowing for optimum cellular rehydration and deeper penetration of the enriched moisturizers.  And wrapped like a baby in a blanket with nothing but the soft sounds of music and a cool compress on your face.  Not to mention it feels amazing!


Nail Luv & Spa carry a variety of different organics exfoliates to match your personal needs.  Whether you have dry skin that needs a heavy exfoliation with nourishing oils, or delicate skin that needs a gentle polish- we have what you need.  If your skin doesn’t take well to fragrances, don’t fret!   Some of our body buffs are fragrance free.



It doesn’t matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are the most important facial feature. Ladies, NAIL LUV & SPA would like to introduce you to Microblading. Unlike the sometimes Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of an embroidery of trompe l’œil strokes that look just like real hair. It is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.


Eyebrows Microblading $ 250  ( 1 Free Touch up after 1 month)


During the microblading process we use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one.  It’s an extremely meticulous process that takes around two hours to complete. Since the results will last for up to three years before beginning to fade, our licensed technicians will pay so much attention to detail to customize a perfect eyebrows for you .  The first hour we’re drawing the shape in with removable pencil. That’s the longest part and the most important step. During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen.
Before the microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it’s relatively painless.
The healing process is different for everyone, it generally takes between 25 and 30 days. After a month we recommend a 40-minute touch-up to most customers as free of charge.
Microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them and enjoy swimming. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up after 2 year.



  • Spa Manicure & Pedicure $35
  • Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure $45
  • Deluxe Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure…$52
  • Mini Facial, Body Scrub, Ped & Man $110
  • Mini Facial,1 hr massage, Ped& Man$115
  • Euro Facial, 1 hr massage, Ped Man $130

CHILDRENS’ SERVICES (According to Age)

  • Manicure $10
  • Princess Pedicure $13 and Up
  • Manicure/Pedicure $ 25 and Up
  • Toes Polish $6
  • Hands Polish $4

Nail Enhancements

  • FULL SET ACRYLIC OVERLAY $25 (Acrylic applied on top of your own nails)
  • FULL SET ACRYLIC $25 (Acrylic apply on top of your own nails with tip extension)
  • FULL SET LIQUID PURE GEL$45 (Light, natural, glossy, 100% pure gel, and add gelish)
  • FULL SET SNS DIPPING POWDER $45 (Strong like Acrylic, wear like Shellac)
  • FULL SET POWDER GEL (with or without Gelish color) $35
  • FULL SET POWDER GEL with French $40
  • FULL SET PINK & WHITE / SOLAR NAIL $38 (Permanent Gel Tips)
  • FULL SET PINK & WHITE with non Yellow product $43
  • FULL SET WHITE TIP $25 (acrylic applied on natural nails with white tip extension)
  • SCULPTURE NAIL $30 (no tips, acrylic sculpted to extended length)


  • ACRYLIC FILL (Extra charge for longer nails) .. . . . .. $15
  • PURE LIQUID GEL FILL with Gelish. . . . . . . . $30
  • POWDER GEL FILL with Gelish ………… . . . . . . . . . $28
  • PINK & WHITE / SOLAR NAIL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $33
  • PINK / SOLAR NAIL……………….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21
  • PINK & WHITE with non Yellow product……………….$37
  • PINK Fill with non Yellow products……………………$24


  • HAND POLISH CHANGE . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7
  • HAND POLISH CHANGE with French…………………$8
  • FEET POLISH CHANGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9
  • FEET POLISH CHANGE With French looks………..$11
  • FRENCH /AMERICAN LOOKS…………………………$5
  • NAIL TAKE OFF without manicure or full set……….$10
  • NAIL TAKE OFF with manicure or full set…ADD…..$5
  • NAIL ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3 AND UP
  • ACRYLIC TOE NAIL…………………………….$5 EACH